The Super-Star Rareș Show
The Super-Star Rareș Show 2 hours ago
I have some ideeas for the update for January! Can there be added perfect fruit as in AC: Pocket Camp? Also, can there be more updates on the shops like nook's cranny or able sisters to be more cooler? I will be happy if at least on of these are in the game!😁😁😁
Rosdi Abu bakar
Rosdi Abu bakar 2 hours ago
Who can buy me a nintendo switch 😟
Mozoan Alotibe
Mozoan Alotibe 2 hours ago
Wait now there are two links
Ant 2 hours ago
So split screen?
Kwipper 2 hours ago
Cinematic 30 FPS.
luis eduardo garcia garcia
luis eduardo garcia garcia 2 hours ago
The Siyahseeker
The Siyahseeker 2 hours ago
Snow Mountain is what Cool Cool Mountain was called in the beta for Mario 64, and the Japanese version of the final.
Minecraft_kid 2 hours ago
Seeing how a new season comes out approximately every 6 months we might see some season 4 stuff like if you agree
Frende Lavik
Frende Lavik 2 hours ago
I looked at it and went like. 'Wait ... this was licensed by Nintendo?!' 'Cool'
Troy guy vlogs
Troy guy vlogs 2 hours ago
My parents don't let me have a switch
nom nom
nom nom 2 hours ago
Lightning McQueen Gaming
Lightning McQueen Gaming 3 hours ago
cute space buns
Achilles Robolas
Achilles Robolas 3 hours ago
I want to go there but I can't. Im in greece!
지소흔 3 hours ago
how did they make the inkling sound for this
Duc.kydUde 3 hours ago
Ugh, epic games...
Ant 2 hours ago
Charzand The speedstar
Charzand The speedstar 3 hours ago
I actually thought lakitu was a good guy
uR_ NyXx
uR_ NyXx 3 hours ago
I'm watching this like 3 years ago..
Ryan4891s 3 hours ago
Why does this feel nothing like the actual game that’s coming out?! 😞
Roxas Hanson
Roxas Hanson 3 hours ago
Nintendo if do read this, please release this song for digital music services like iTunes please. I love this song and would like to listen to it on the go and have it part of my music collection. Heck see if you can release it on a vinyl single I would definitely buy it.
Bryan M
Bryan M 3 hours ago
Hope this game has motion controls! Also, hope they add motion controls on doom 3.
Vivencio Salcedo
Vivencio Salcedo 3 hours ago
This is it. This IS it! THIS IS IT!!!
George Hayward
George Hayward 3 hours ago
Slick Perspective
Slick Perspective 3 hours ago
This is "Dante's Inferno" for me, but a shooter.
William Schroeder
William Schroeder 3 hours ago
I’m super hype for this game... but does the art look more childish to anyone else? Can’t tell if it’s the 3D, actually for kids, or just me.
Diviit Shah
Diviit Shah 3 hours ago
Hey Nintendo when will you release genshin impact and please keep it free
Ender 3 hours ago
the binding of capitalism
cat dude
cat dude 3 hours ago
1:38 I thought these were loyal but this is pushing it man, like is olimar using a mod or did he break the onion cuz I'm pretty sure that's more than 100 pikmin, not even counting the ones on the other side of this shot
Superstrike 3 hours ago
It's so cool to know that I'm living through the golden age of's too bad that it will be coming to a close after Breath of the Wild 2
Makky brain dots
Makky brain dots 3 hours ago
3:35 mushroom wearing pants?
Sonic&Pikachu7A 3 hours ago
Yas Lads finally
Makky brain dots
Makky brain dots 4 hours ago
Mario Maker 1: no diagonal grounds, the checkpoints only! Mario Maker 2: no checkpoints diagonal, grounds only!
jimshoes_ 4 hours ago
free melee
jimshoes_ 4 hours ago
free melee
Rithrius 4 hours ago
Nintendo is now obligated to add the slingshot as a weapon.
Random videos
Random videos 4 hours ago
Nintendo labo vr support anyone
SMASH BROSU 4 hours ago
2:09 RIP white pikmin
AaronDew 4 hours ago
Tengo que jugar esto
_TotalGamerXk _
_TotalGamerXk _ 4 hours ago
Whats with all the animal crossing jokes😐😐🤡🤡🤡
Random1567 4 hours ago
Just let Zelda and Link get together officially in BOTW 2 Nintendo, like dang. We know they love each other. Just tie the knot! Zelda fans would go crazy to see it go beyond teasing, and you already confirmed it in BOTW. Just let them take that step.
A4 Arick
A4 Arick 4 hours ago
Time to see some magic on how id software will port this game
ilikethecokev2 4 hours ago
Wait, they're just NOW at Season *2?*
Ant 2 hours ago
They went f2p so it was only time
Charles Moore
Charles Moore 4 hours ago
Nintendo my switch is glitching and deleted all my games plz tell me how I can fix it pls
Kirbo 3 hours ago
bro you got hacked
Todd S
Todd S 4 hours ago
Boom! Tetris for Jonas.
Skeetha 4 hours ago
Can’t wait to play this 30fps 480p
Yee Yee
Yee Yee 4 hours ago
Dishusting greedy rats 🤷🤦
Noel Rocha
Noel Rocha 4 hours ago
Nintendo in India?? In Amazon it is not double the price of original price